Hand polishing wheels

Manual polishing of the rims

When using this method we polish rims manually for as long as it takes for them to get high gloss. In popular variants of polishing a combination with another procedure is used, such as when the rim is laminated. Polished surface requires regular maintenance because after a certain period of time surface oxidizes. To postpone or stop oxidation the surface is coated with special agents and closes the pores, thereby prevents oxidation.

Polishing is the oldest method to improve the gloss and is done manually.. First of all we take off varnish, if necessary. It is done with chemicals,sand or glass beads. The real work starts after the varnish had been removed. Parts area braded with quality structure. Severe scratches should be handled with special care, so we have to abrade them in depth until they disappear. If this is not done, that mark reflects later on the entire surface. Polishing starts when all scratches disappear.

Different pastes and plates for polishing are required to obtain shine. Softer pastes are used for rougher surfaces. Plates for polishing have different structures.
Generally, there are three types of plates: plates for polishing, pre-polishing and for high-gloss polishing(fine).

Scratches that occur during pre-polishing disappear in the process of polishing i.e. they get straightened out. The material is processed by turning the plate in different directions and this causes scratches to straighten out. For pre-polishing we use hard plates because they are used for quick levelling and smoothness. In pre-polishing process we get light shine but not the high gloss. Shine polishing starts when all unevenness and dirt disappear.

Shine polishing
In this process we use harder wax and medium hard plate.This step is used to obtain a high gloss on the desktops. Through that kind of glow light cannot be refracted but will be directly reflected.

Glossy polishing
In this process we have to remove the rest of the wax (film). In this step the surface is cleaned. Glossy polishing is done with hard wax and very soft plate. Both materials are used to remove residual wax.