Repairs and maintenance of wheels

Repairs / maintenance of wheels

Not only do we mend external edges of the rims damaged with gravel (stones), the effects of oxidation,corrosion, and damage to the lacquer, but we are also able to repair defects that affect safety such as the lateral and surface impacts due to wide range of machines we use.

In order to repair damage to the rims in a professional way, we use instruments of the latest technology combined with extensive experience. Thanks to modern and traditional methods we can fix all types and sizes of the rims,as well as rare defects.

The damage from the impact of gravel, damages made due to hitting a curb or made by impact. Damages, such as deep scratches on the edges, which are due to hitting a curb,can be easily repaired.

We restore rims into their original condition, and provide them with a new shine.

Repair of the rims

It is more economical to repair the wheel rim that has been damaged by scratching, salt, or by hitting a curb, than to buy a new one. The result of a professional rim preparation is impressive: you get rims like new.

When repairing small cracks, scratches up to 3 mm of depth are abraded to get a clean smooth surface. At the end of the process rims are varnished, laminated or polished to get a high sheen. After polishing surfaces gain extra strength.Longer durability and abrasion resistance is guaranteed.

Not all rims can be repaired; sometimes it is cheaper to buy a new one. We'll be more than happy to share our opinion on the mentioned issue.

Send us a request with data and image of the rim, damages must be clearly visible in the picture, and we'll get back to you with the offer.