Powder coating

Electrostatic powder coating

Electronic powder coating works on the principle of positively and negatively charged particles (ions).

Positive and negative particles are charged and equally glued on metal parts during the sprinkling of colored powder.

These coated parts are placed in the furnace heated up to140-200degrees Celsius.

Powder coating is primarily meant for metal parts, but metalloids can be plasticized too.

This process is applied to the constructions, office furniture, tool components,heating elements, rims and car’s body parts.

Special details about the powder coating:

  • High utilization of material(color in powder) 99%. - Plasticized parts can undergo the same procedure again.
  • Solvents are not used.
  • This process takes very little time to be done, it is electro-staticlly charged and the balanced layer structure remains in a single operation.
  • First-class surface properties considering the resistance to chemicals,abrasion and corrosion protection and all optical requirements are fulfilled.

Powder coating is a combination of key variables: it does not affect the environment, it is favourable for the economy and it is a high quality process.