About Us

A specialist for metal and rims

We find solutions to your problems in an innovative way with the most modern technology.
Our goal is to provide optimal services to clients concerning processing of rims and other parts. For this purpose we have professional staff, and with our partners we provide the best service possible.

The scope of our services includes processing, finishing, repairs, powder coating,chemical removal of paint from the rims and other metal parts. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us,so we offer additional services. Customers can adapt the services and a payment method to their needs.

BLIC Ltd provides the best price and all in one place. We also have a crane at disposal at our workshop, so we can provide the disassembly and assembly of wheels for our customers. The processing of the rims, taking off varnish, fixing, flattening and polishing to a high gloss or powder coating take 3 to 10 working days, according to agreement with the customer. We have a large machine capacity and we can mechanically polish and process up to 100 wheels a month, and plasticise even more. We are able to fulfill any wish our customers have connected with the processing of wheel sand metal car parts at short notice.

Our quality is associated with transparent prices, great reliability and simple procedures. You can find all further information in the menu above.

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